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Updated Site for help on Assignments
by Nirosh Shivantha - Sunday, 9 April 2017, 05:47 AM
Students of FMSC are making thousand of assignments per year. But no one ever know what will happen to their assignments and soft copies of them are wasted. our small step will be the start of an ocean of knowledge which will facilitate our brothers and sisters who are just unable to get an idea on difficult topics assigned to them.

We have created a small website, http://www.knowlk.info to publish the soft copies of assignments it will,

-Protect your intellectual property online
-facilitate newbies
-Your contribution will be noted

if you have any assignments , send a PDF, DOC or PPT to assignmelk@gmail.com or knowlk.com@gmail.com with following details

+ Your Name
+ Subject code and relevant semester of the particular assignment
+ Any compliments
VISIT US http://www.knowlk.info